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The products and services I provide are primarily intended for businesses. Moreover, such attractive corporate deals are often harder to find.
While my sales team has a decent close rate during their presentations, I know its results would be even better if members had meetings with qualified and quality prospects.
My business has reached a point in its growth where it needs to establish a strong force in B2B prospection. I already have a loyal customer base, but I’d like to boost my sales and take on new challenges to bring my business to the next level.
We have the production means, the products and well-structured ideas. However, fielding a competent sales team able to seek new deals takes time and staff, and that’s an endeavour I don’t necessarily wish to attempt.
My products are known for their quality and, once my prospects understand my strengths, they become interested immediately. My problem is that I have the product, but I lack the ability to put it out there.

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10 to 15% of decision makers we contact become qualified appointments.

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