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Rafale has built a reputation as a trusted partner for many years. From the very first meeting, you will be convinced of our ability to boost your sales figures, help you develop new markets for your exclusive benefit and maximize your investment through an effective sales force.

Our approach are based on dialogue and transparency

Rafale is the right communications agent for your business. This means you have the full support of our team to build a dialogue with your prospects. Our expertise enables you to generate interest in your business and underscore the benefits of a meeting sought by both parties.

Our continuously trained resources stand out within our industry

While Rafale has already built a strong reputation within its industry on its core guarantees and methodology, the quality of its agents remains a key part of our success. No other firm manages to consistently secure fulfilling and in-depth meetings with decision-makers. Our procedures are result- and resources-oriented, thereby making our appointment-making services both effective and profitable!

I already have a team of representatives assigned to prospecting. Will your service be profitable? Is it worth it?

We are used to working with firms that have representatives. Our targeted and professional involvement will help you avoid the numerous pitfalls and common errors that may occur during a cold call. We take care of the necessary prospection phase for you, so you can focus on properly selected prospects that are interested in your sales proposal. As a key driver for your sales force, Rafale is a major asset in building a pool of opportunities and close numerous deals. Working with our firm guarantees both increased market knowledge and a larger pool of clients.

Did you know...

Pour joindre 10 à 15 décideurs, nos agents doivent faire 80 à 100 appels chaque jour.

Combien d'appels de prospection ferez-vous aujourd'hui ?

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